Directions to Doug's House

From Interstate 5:

  1. Get to Interstate 5, somewhere in the vicinity of Downtown Seattle. (If you're coming from the north, skip to step 3. If you're coming from Lake Washington or the eastside, see below.)
  2. Exit numbers on I-5 correspond to mileage, with mileage increasing as you go north. Go north on I-5, out of the city.
  3. Get off I-5 at exit 176, which is 175th Street.
  4. Go RIGHT at the bottom of the off ramp. (If you were coming from the north instead of from the city, go LEFT instead of right.) You're heading east on 175th Street. The cross streets are numbered avenues, increasing in number as you go east.
  5. Go east for about 1.3 miles, until 175th St. makes a "T" at 25th Ave NE. There's a flashing red light at this intersection. Turn LEFT on 25th Ave. NE.
  6. Take the next RIGHT - a very sharp right - in about 150 feet. This is 26th Ave. NE.
  7. Go down a few hundred yards. My driveway is on the LEFT. You can't see the house from the street, but there's a wooden sign at the base of the driveway with my name and the address (16910) on it.
  8. Come up the driveway; take a RIGHT at the fork.

If you're coming from Lake Washington:

  1. Get to the intersection of Bothell Way NE and Ballinger Way NE. This at the northwest corner of Lake Washington. Lake Forest Park Towne Centre (sic) is on the southwest corner of this intersection.
  2. Go northwest (away from the lake) on Ballinger Way.
  3. Turn LEFT on the first street after Towne Centre, which is NE 178th Street.
  4. Follow 178th for 1.2 miles; the cross streets are numbered avenues, decreasing in number as you go.
  5. Turn LEFT, south (more or less), on 25th Ave. NE.
  6. Take the first LEFT at the top of the hill, which is 26th Ave. NE.
  7. Go to step 7, above.


Here are some maps that might help.

My address and phone number are:

Doug Mitchell
16910 26th Ave. NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155


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